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Pig Roasts

Pig Roast


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Our roasted pig is just one mouth-watering bite after another. With more than 35 years of family experience, our pigs are farm-raised locally and roasted to perfection in our custom-designed equipment. You will not be able to get enough.


Pig Roasts

This is a Strock family specialty!


We have more than more than 35 years of experience perfecting our roasting process. We've even custom designed our equipment. All our pigs are farm raised locally. 


And then, we slow cook those perfect farm-raised pigs over charcoal right before your very eyes, slice it and serve it tender, hot and delicious. 


Minimum of 50 people.

For us to cook on-site, please refer to the Pig Roast menu, click here.

 The food.... oh my goodness. The food is amazing.


Pricing for our roaster

  • Single Roaster - $125

  • Double Roaster - $225

  • Quad Roaster - $375

Pricing for a butchered pig

  • 45 - 75 lbs. - $2.99/lb.

  • 76 - 125 lbs. - $2.19/lb.

  • 126 - 175 lbs. - $1.89/lb.

  • more than 176 lbs. - $1.59/lb.